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RERIC Partners With Rural Wisconsin
Last fall, WCER launched the Rural Education Research & Implementation Center, or RERIC (rare-ik), dedicated to improving educational outcomes for rural students, families and schools through rigorous, partnership-based research. As co-Directors Craig Albers and Andy Garbacz state, “Rural Wisconsin, we are listening!”



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“Teachers on the Market: A Typology of Teachers’ Philosophy, Mission, Vision and Values”
The inequitable distribution of teachers across districts and schools poses a serious problem for states. This working paper by Peter Goff introduces a new strategy to classify teachers and finds notable variation across Wisconsin schools.


Kelly Wickersham
“Women, Community Colleges and STEM Careers”
Researchers Xueli Wang and Kelly Wickersham co-authored this book chapter published in New Directions for Institutional Research. It documents research on the two-year college STEM pathway among women. Presenting national data, along with original survey and interview data from another STEM study, Wang and Wickersham tease out the disparities and complexities of the experiences and paths in STEM of women in community colleges.

Xueli Wang
“New Survey Instrument Measures Factors in Upward Transfer in STEM Fields”
This study by Xueli Wang and Seo Young Lee examines the psychometric properties of a new survey measuring factors of STEM student transfers from two- to four-year colleges, such as: initial attitudes toward math and science, self-efficacy in math and science, active learning and transfer-oriented interaction. Published in The Review of Higher Education.

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“How Do Two-Year College Students in Beginning STEM View Themselves as Learners?”
In Teachers College Record, Ning Sun, Brit Wagner and Brett Nachman, doctoral students in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis, explore how self-perceptions of STEM learners are formed and transformed.


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“Problematizing College Internships: Exploring Access, Program Design and Developmental Outcomes”
In this paper, Matt Hora and his team analyze survey and focus group data from students in three diverse U.S. colleges. Results show internship participation varied significantly by race, institution, enrollment status and academic program; supervisor quality predicted intern satisfaction; and 64 percent of students wanted to work internships but couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts.


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“Final Report of the 2018 AAS Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education”
Christine Pfund, director of WCER’s Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER), served on the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion in Graduate Education. Their final report provides recommendations for addressing known barriers to diversity and inclusion in astronomy and other STEM fields.


WCER Evaluators Find Literacy Program for Low-Income Kids Creates ‘Safe Place’ for Learning
Gloria Ladson-Billings, Educator and Theorist, Named Towson University Commencement Speaker
First Extensive Study of Long-Term English Learners Finds Significant Differences Across U.S.
Why the Educational Dreams of Refugees Get Put on the Back Burner
Six Reasons You Can’t Design Great Learning Games without Teachers
Personalized Learning Advice From a Learning Scientist: 5 Questions K-12 Leaders Should Be Asking
To Chair or Not to Chair?
Thought-Provoking Facts About Black Men Revealed in New Book
Report: Lots of Access to Pre-K, But Quality Sometimes Lacking

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Rita MacDonald, an associate researcher at WIDA, introduces a new way to get English learners excited about STEM courses. Watch the Transforming STEM Education video.

Rita MacDonald, an associate researcher at WIDA, discusses interactive tools to help teach STEM courses to English Learners--Play Video

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